Most of the groups listed here are for married men who are questioning their sexuality and/or considering coming out. Gay Dad groups are included because they are likely to contain men who have been in straight marriages.

Groups that welcome all bi and gay men and groups for both bi men and bi women are not listed. These groups are common and can usually be found at local LGBTQ centers. You can search for a center near you HERE.

Please direct all questions about a particular group to the listed contact. Questions posted here as comments will be deleted.

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Utah Gay Fathers Association (Murray)
Our focus is to embrace, affirm, and improve ourselves as gay fathers and men; to socialize and share the unique and universal joys, strengths, and challenges that we face as gay fathers in Utah. Activities include monthly pot-luck dinners hosted at members' homes, followed by group discussions about what it means to be a gay father, current issues group members may be facing, helpful suggestions, venting, personal therapeutic or legal recommendations, etc.  Meetings are on the third Tuesday of every month.  Email contact: and website.

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