Most of the groups listed here are for married men who are questioning their sexuality and/or considering coming out. Gay Dad groups are included because they are likely to contain men who have been in straight marriages.

Groups that welcome all bi and gay men and groups for both bi men and bi women are not listed. These groups are common and can usually be found at local LGBTQ centers. You can search for a center near you HERE.

Please direct all questions about a particular group to the listed contact. Questions posted here as comments will be deleted.

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US - Eastern Time Zone


Hartford's Support Group for Bisexual Married Men (Hartford)
This is a group that has been meeting in Hartford for over thirty years. We have a tradition of providing a safe confidential place for men who are or have been recently married or in a committed relationship with a woman, to discuss their feelings, worries and confusion around their  sexual feelings or behavior toward men.  We provide a non-sexual environment which is judgement free, and has no outcomes in mind for anyone. This is not a "coming out" group, but just a safe place for gentlemen to discuss their journey with men in the same circumstances. This is a support group not a therapy group. If you are married or have been married or in a committed relationship with a woman,  having an internal struggle with your sexual attraction to men which is contrary, perhaps, to the way you have viewed yourself and seems contrary to your values; If you feel you are alone in the struggle and would like to be able to talk with other men about it; If you  find yourself doing things which are dangerous and could get you into trouble with your family, work place and community, then you might benefit from the Hartford support group.  This confidential group meets twice a month. Some men come regularly while some drop in from time to time when the going gets rough. It takes one phone call to a group facilitator to sit down with him and explore whether you might benefit from coming to the group.  Contact email: and website.

District of Columbia

Gay and Married Men's Association - DC (Washington)
GAMMA was organized January 10, 1978 with a meeting of 35 men in Bethesda. The group grew out of the ashes of the Cinema Follies fire on October 24, 1977, which claimed the lives of a number of married men. The group was the first outreach to bisexual men and married men with gay interests. GAMMA met for six years at St Alban's Episcopal Library. GAMMA organized support and established a network to assist gay married men in coming to terms with their sexual orientation in relation to their roles as husbands and fathers. GAMMA continues to be organized by and for gay or bisexual men located in the Washington DC area who are married to, have been married to, or are in any other similar relationship with a woman. We aren't affiliated with any religious, political, or social organization. We are an all-volunteer group of men who are here to support each other as we deal with the issues surrounding our sexual orientation and how that impacts our marriages, families, and other relationships.  Meetings are second and fourth Fridays, beginning at 7:30pm.  For additional information, go to their website.


Gay and Bi Mens Discussion (Tampa)
A safe space for gay & bisexual men for discussions, to socialize, learn and grow.  Meets every Wednesday, 7-8:30pm, in Tampa.  Email contact: and website.


Atlanta Gay Dads Group (Atlanta)
We are a distinctive group of individuals, who can enjoy the benefits of meeting each other, and the important persons that support our parenting endeavors (friends, family, boyfriends, partners, etc.)  We plan fun events for both adults and children, as well as an occasional "Dads' night out".  For additional details, see their website.


Gay and Married Men's Association (Hagerstown)
GAMMA is a support group for men who are "gay, bisexual, or questioning, or who do not label themselves at all, but are attracted to men and are in straight marriages or relationships with women."  The group is a great way to meet other men who are dealing with questions about their sexuality and marriages.  GAMMA can be a life boat, helping married men through one of the most difficult periods in their lives.  GAMMA also offers a core group of men with whom you can have candid conversations and build community.  GAMMA Hagerstown meets the second Saturday of every month, from 8am - 10am, at the Veritas United Church of Christ, 22 N. Mulberry Street, Suite 113.  This group is a spin-off of the very popular GAMMA chapter in Washington, DC. For additional details, see their website.


Boston Gay & Bisexual Married Men's Support Group (Boston)
A discussion group for gay and/or bisexual married men, including those who are working to preserve the marriage and those in the process of separation or divorce.  The Boston group meets regularly every second and fourth Tuesday from 7-9pm at the Boston Living Center (BLC), 29 Stanhope Street, near Copley Square in downtown Boston.  We meet for frank talk, heartfelt support and authentic friendship in a comfortable living room environment.  Email contact: and website.

Gay Fathers of Greater Boston (Waltham)
Support meetings are most men's first contact with us, and have been a lifeline for many. No membership is required to participate in support meetings; you are welcome any evening we meet. Our meetings provide a safe, confidential, and welcoming forum for talking about our issues of gay fatherhood, including coming out, divorce, sexuality, and relationships with children, partners, and spouses (current or ex). You are free to join in the discussion or just observe, whatever feels most comfortable. Occasionally, our meetings also include speakers on topics of interest for a portion of the meeting. After the support meetings, many of us continue the conversation in a more casual setting at a local pub. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at the First Parish Church in Waltham from 7-9 pm.  Email contact: outreach@ and website.

New Jersey

Gay Men's Coming Out Group (Highland Park)
A moderated discussion group for issues related to coming out as gay men. Men vote on the topic of the day. Meets every Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Send e-mail to for more info or visit their website.

Gay Dads' Support Group (Highland Park)
A monthly group focusing on parent/child issues for gay dads. Drop-ins are welcome.  Meets first Wednesday of each month, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM.  Email for more information or visit their website.

Divorcing Man's Support Group (Ridgewood)
There are many issues that a divorced man will have to deal with, during and after the divorce. Divorced fathers have additional issues with child visitation, custody, child support and more. Although this is not a personal issue for attorney Bob Davies, he has assisted fathers who are gay. This group is to provide a place to ask questions and get the benefit of other men's experiences.  For additional information, visit their website.

New York

Bi-Married Men of Upstate New York (Albany)
The Bisexual Married Men of Upstate New York (BiMMUpNY) Support Group is a regional discussion group for all men who identify as gay or bisexual and are married, formerly married, or who are in a committed relationship with a woman.  For additional information, see their website.

NYC Married Men's Support Group (New York City)
For men who identify as bi or gay and are, or have been, in a mixed orientation marriage.  Contact facilitator before attending.  Meets from 7-10pm on the third Friday of each month, at The Center in New York City.

Gay/Bi Dads Group (New York City)
Support and social group for gay and bisexual fathers and others in child-nurturing situations. Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month, from 8-10:00pm at The Center in New York City.  Email contact: and website.

Gay Dads of Westchester (Katonah)
We're two dads with 2 five-year olds looking for new friends and to build nights, game nights, exploring local activities. We'd like to build friendships for ourselves and our kids. For additional information, visit their website.

Long Island & NYC Bisexual Men and Friends (Melville)
This group is for bisexual and bi curious men on Long Island or in the NYC area and our friends. Anybody can add a Meetup as long as you provide an email address so people can contact you directly. Be creative so your Meetup is something Bi men don't usually have the opportunity to enjoy.  For additional infomration, visit their website.

North Carolina

DADsquared Triangle Social Group for NC Gay Dads and Friends (Durham)
DADsquared Triangle Social is a group designed for Gay Fathers. Our goal is to arrange playdates, gatherings, dad's nights out and all sorts of cool events where we can be around other Gay Dads, living similar lives and where our children can make some awesome new friends. Single Dads, Coupled Dads and all variations in between are welcomed.  For more information, visit their website.


Gay Fathers and Husbands of NE Ohio (Akron)
The Gay Fathers and Husbands group is an informal association of gay and bi-sexual men who may have in common current or past marriages or partnered relationships with women. Some individuals may have natural or adopted children from these relationships. Members of the Gay Fathers and Husbands group meet monthly to discuss issues and needs held in common, and to offer support to one another by sharing experiences, encouragement, and hope. Friends and supporters are normally welcome at the meetings, and guests may be invited to address special topics. The group determines the purpose and direction of meetings. Attendance will range from as few as 8 to as many as 30 or more. Meetings are casual – no dues. GFAH has been meeting in the Akron Area since 1990. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Social Hall of the Church of Our Saviour, 471 Crosby Street in Akron, Ohio – located near Highland Square a few blocks south of Market Street (Rt. 18). There is no meeting in August. Email contact: and website.

Gay Fathers Group (Cleveland)
The Cleveland Gay Father's Group is an informal discussion group for gay or bisexual men who may have in common current or past relationships or partnerships with women. Some have children - others don't. The Cleveland Gay Fathers Group meets monthly to discuss issues and needs held in common, and to offer support to one another by sharing experiences and encouragement. Attendance will range from as few as 4 to as many as 18 or more. Friends and supporters are typically welcome – meetings are casual. Members agree to respect the privacy of those attending. Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month and begin at 7 pm with greetings and introductions. Discussions begin then and the meeting lasts until 8:30 PM. You can participate if you wish or just listen to what others have to say. In fact, being willing to listen is the one characteristic shared by all. Being "out" is not a requirement and members agree to respect the privacy of those attending. The meeting is held in a room off Fellowship Hall at the UCC Church in Cleveland. Cleveland Gay Fathers Group is not a dating club or a religious group. Participants come from all over NE Ohio. Members represent all ages, backgrounds and stages of life. For more information, email: or visit this website.

Men's Coming Out Group (Columbus)
Drop-in discussion group for men of all ages to share their issues with coming out and provide a place to meet others who may be going through the same transition or who have already come out.  Meetings are held the second and fourth Mondays of each month and begin at 7pm.  Email contact:  Web listing.


Gay and Married Men's Association - Philadelphia (Philadelphia)
Local chapter of peer support group for gay and bisexual men who are married, separated, divorced, or living with a woman. Meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at William Way Center in Philadelphia, 8-10pm.  Contact phone number: 215-477-6003.

M5 (Philadelphia)
Meet other local men who juggle marriage, family and same-sex attraction. Meet and make friends in a safe and sane environment and avoid the dangers of anonymous sex. Develop ongoing friendships with like-minded guys. This group is only for discreet men who are currently married or who have been previously married. This is not a sex club and is not for finding quick, anonymous hook-ups. Attending face to face meetups is a requirement for participation in this group. This is about finding a safer, saner way to deal with your same-sex attraction.  Meets mid-month in different locations.  For additional information, go to their website.  This group was started in 2007 or earlier.


Gay Fathers Coalition of Richmond, VA (Richmond)
GFC Richmond is a social and support organization that exists to provide support and information for gay and bisexual men that are fathers, their partners, children, friends and supporters.  We provide a forum to discuss common interests and concerns of gay fathers and their families and to encourage cooperative action. Our meetings also provide for social interaction among gay fathers, their supporters and families.  Email contact:, website.

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