Most of the groups listed here are for married men who are questioning their sexuality and/or considering coming out. Gay Dad groups are included because they are likely to contain men who have been in straight marriages.

Groups that welcome all bi and gay men and groups for both bi men and bi women are not listed. These groups are common and can usually be found at local LGBTQ centers. You can search for a center near you HERE.

Please direct all questions about a particular group to the listed contact. Questions posted here as comments will be deleted.

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You may feel that you are the only person in the world who is gay and married. - believe me, you are not.  You have probably laid awake at night asking yourself so many questions and exploring so many scenarios which are mixture of fright and fantasy.  It was during that period of anguish before coming out and trying to decide what to do with my life that I decided to create this website so that others could gain strength and share experiences with their journey.  There are also those who have come out to wives and family and are looking for other like-minded guys at a similar point in their lives where relationships are the next thing on their horizon.  Lots of true and loving relationships have started as a result of the site, many  of which have become civil partners. If making new friends is your main aim, once again the site can offer members contact with the hundreds of members, all  searchable by county.  You may prefer to meet members privately through the messaging system, or come along to one of the many events that we organise each year.  Membership is £72.00 per year and is reinvested into the website.  For more information, visit their website.


This is a closed group. Members who would like to attend will be asked to complete an application form and go in for a chat with the Wellbeing Officer. This enables them to best support you! The group will be 8 meetings long, and will include practical guidance such as legal advice, relevant discussions across a number of relevant subjects, and information about other support services. The group will be open to men who are in, or have recently been in, a heterosexual relationship, and who have feelings towards other men. The group will be a safe and confidential space to share and discuss, as well as meet others and gain peer support and build friendships beyond the 8 sessions!  Email contact: and website.

Married Mens Group (Surrey) 
If you are married or in a relationship with a woman then maybe this group is for you? Experienced facilitators run the group. This is a safe space for you to meet other men who are in a similar situation to yourself. Discuss how you feel, where you are in your life at the moment, how to cope, where the gay venues are, yours and your partners sexual health. The group will meet monthly from 6pm to 8pm in Woking. You do not have to attend for the whole 2 hours. Some of the sessions will be structured depending on the needs of the men attending the group. Email contact: and website.


Married Mens Group (Dublin)
The Married Men’s Group is a peer support group for men who are or have been married (or in a long term relationship with a woman) and who identify themselves as gay, bisexual or attracted to other men. The peer support group offers a space for men to talk openly and confidentially with other men about similar experiences.  It is also an opportunity for you to be yourself for a few hours each month-there are no agendas and the group is member focused.  The group meets on the first Thursday of each month & is facilitated by experienced Gay Switchboard Volunteers.  Please phone Gay Switchboard’s Helpline on 01 – 872 1055 for further information about the group.  For additional information, visit their website.


Gay Dads Scotland (Edinburgh)
We are a volunteer run support group run by gay dads for gay dads. Most of us are in, or have been in, marriages with children.  We understand the feeling of isolation, stress and guilt. Through experience, we know that it is often possible to work the issues to achieve a happy outcomes. At our monthly support group meetings in Edinburgh Thursday of every month, (except December) gay dads from all over Scotland meet to discuss their situations and provide mutual support.  Email contact: and website.

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